Hello! Those two weeks went by fast!

Here’s what’s happened:

  • The soundtrack releases on October 13th on Bandcamp! October 13th is a big day, as it’s the day events in game begin! I’m very excited for this release. LIFELIKE's composer worked very hard on the final masters and they sound amazing. Again, I’ll post an update when that happens. 
  • Marketing is successful, I’ve seen itch pageviews climb to an average of about eight or nine a day. Still not awesome, and definitely not enough sales lately, but hey, I haven’t been showing much new content on social media. I’ve also been enjoying making promo artwork in my spare time.
  • The game is now being playtested! Nothing fatal has appeared yet which is AWESOME. Most of my time since we last talked has been spent working on fixes. I think the next two weeks could see a final build ready to go for launch. 

Here’s what I’m working on for the next two weeks:

  • Daily fixes have been great for manageable goal setting. I’ll continue those as needed while working with playtesters.
  • Once the game is ready to ship, I’m shifting to track 2! 
  • Track 2 work will start with roughing in the script, cutscenes, new features, and combat in engine. This is a new approach compared to Track 1 development, which was heavier on assets up front. I think I’ll have more time to tune in-game experiences putting in-engine work first.
  • Regarding the script, I’m meeting with a mentor to discuss the point that’s been giving me trouble all this time. This, combined with actually sitting down to look at and play with the script will hopefully my writer's block kicked.
  • Marketing! The soundtrack release is accompanied with animated artwork for each early track released. 

See you again for the soundtrack release!



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Awesome work! :3 Happy to see it's getting more attention. <3