Hi! I’m going to keep this short and sweet. 

You may have noticed this log is a week late. If you were looking forward to one last Monday, my apologies! Life and LIFELIKE have been insane lately.

Bug fixes and playtesting have been going well—No more significant crashes have come up, and I’m at the point where if there are no significantly disruptive issues in a last wave of testing, I am ready to release this update! 

I desperately want to fix the fullscreen drawing bug some of you may have encountered depending on your screen resolution. After wasting a full day of work exclusively on it with no progress, I’m making the decision to ship the update as-is and try to address the camera in the next track release. It sucks. I wish I could fix it sooner, but seeing as I’m a one-man-band right now, it’s going to take longer than I’d like and I need to focus on more pressing areas of development. Windows users should see an improvement, but I’m struggling on the Mac end.

Devlogs will continue biweekly starting from today. Expect a launch announcement of the update this week, and a post here when it is live! Thank you all for sticking with me on this. 



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You've got this! Thanks for all your hard work. As a former tester, I know how hard it can be to reproduce bugs when you're limited on machines to test on. <3 Looking forward so much to the launch announcement! :3


Thank YOU for all your wonderful comments! :) I'm very excited to get this build out, it's come so far from the launch version