Hello! I'm back for my biweekly update! (... a day late because I accidentally forgot to mark this page as published when I wrote it last night, whoops!)

This was an eventful week, I’m working on:

  • Mac builds: I figured out how to notarize apps (FINALLY) but the export will need to be on a disk image format because the app will only run from the applications folder. This requires a bit of extra work on my end to create a nice download prompt
  • Mac build testing: Mac builds require being made via a different compiler than the one the windows build is in… Which in turn means, new bugs! I’ve tracked down the most major of them, but will need time to ensure the rest of the build is stable.
  • Updates to 1.1: So far, one update has been released—a minor graphical bug fix on the title screen that occurs in a very specific scenario. 
  • Track 2 milestone planning: I have a tighter deadline for track 2 that I hope to meet by being smarter about what I’m working on. Today I started a preliminary schedule for how I want to complete the work.
  • Track 2 art assets: I can’t share many of these yet, but please enjoy this one:

For the next two weeks, my goals are:

  • Shipping the Mac version!
  • Getting a solid work schedule for track 2 release
  • Completing all base character move sprites
  • Resuming work on script editing 
  • Fixing any leftover 1.1 bugs that may pop up
  • Reaching out to more streamers! 

I’ll see you all in two weeks! 



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Love the animation! Really dynamic! :)


Thank you Bubbly! It's going to be so much fun in engine, this one ties to a unique ability instead of a single cutscene :)