Before I get into this week's progress, if you have the full version of LIFELIKE, please update it if you have not done so already! The 1.15 patch was released last week and addresses some issues in Track 1. Instructions on updating for Windows users can be found here. Mac users, you will need to re-download the game. 

Nordic the Wolf will be playing LIFELIKE on stream this Thursday, January 6th at 7pm EST! 

Welcome to the last update of 2021! I hope you’ve had a restful holiday season. I’ve been very excited to work over my free time, here’s what happened this week! 

  • Track 2 is playable from the title screen to credits! It is in a very rough state, only with 'mandatory' story cutscenes and no animation, but it is a great base to build the rest of the game out from. 
  • All new locations have been added to the game and are navigable, though they need assets—more on this in the next section. 
  • I updated a few dated systems to work more smoothly with Track 2:
    • The weather system is more robust and can control cloud cover, weather noise, and wind frequency. It’s not finished yet, but it works much better than before. Track 2’s atmosphere relies heavily on weather, I’m excited to show this off in the future!
    • Party following has been made universal. The entire game used to be dependent on Leo as the first member (I know, it was rough!) but it can now operate with any party order and any leader. This is also significant for Track 2! 

With a skeleton of track 2 in place, here’s what’s on deck for me in the next two weeks: 

  • Finishing environment assets for new rooms in Track 2 and getting them in engine 
  • Ongoing script editing, this may need to be pushed back a bit due to circumstances out of my control. Luckily my work next month is not dependent on finalizing it.
  • Speaking of work next month, my focus in January will be on implementing new mechanics such as finalizing the weather system, a new overworld ability, more combat abilities (I’m very excited about this one!), and a few other additions.

Onward to building Track 2! Here’s to a manageable 2022, I hope you all have a safe and healthy new year. Thank you for supporting LIFELIKE!



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Congrats on completing the skeleton form of Track 2! I'm so excited for the next track. <3 I also hope you're taking good care of yourself. <3


Thank you Bubbly! as much as I've been going to town on LIFELIKE now that I'm out of school, I've been taking a lot of much needed down time too :)